CNFOLHK Investor Relations
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CNFOL Hong Kong was set up on 2010. We aim to take a role as bridge for Securities firms, Listed companies and global investors who interest to invest in China. CNFOL Hong Kong provides the following services:

(1) Online Finance Provide Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen financial contents.

(2) Online Investors Relation Management Solutions Listed Company can achieve Corporate Communication, Media Distribution, Capital Market services and IR management through our IRM solutions.

(3) Hong Kong Listed Companies and IPO database. We provide in-depth Listed companies and IPO database for Hong Kong listed companies. This would provide investors the investment strategies in obtaining more fundamental information about operation and profit forecast.

CNFOL is created and launched by Fujian China Financial Online Limited. We are currently ranked the top 3 online finance service provider in Mainland China. Except for being investor's top pick financial portal, CNFOL also established our famous Top 10 Finance Blogger Selections, Annual Finance Ranking Selection, Strait Financial Conference activities. We aimed to build our CNFOL branding and attract the focus and cohesion from investors and institutions.